About the Leader Behavior Analysis II® Self
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About the LBAII® Self

The Leadership Behavior Analysis II® Self is an online assessment that analyzes self perception of the participant's leadership style flexibility and measures effectiveness in matching leadership style to a situation. The LBAII® Self also builds a foundation for understanding the concepts of Situational Leadership® II.

The questionnaire is designed to capture the self-perceptions of a team leader or a team member (participant) as they assess their team on the seven characteristics of a high performance team. The sidebar contains a link to a sample questionnaire.

The 15-page report will help the participant benchmark the team against these characteristics, identify the team's stage of development and the appropriate leadership behaviors, and determine strategies for achieving higher performance.

The Assessment Process

The online assessment process is managed by an assessment coordinator, who has access to the LBAII® Self coordinator site. From this site, the assessment coordinator can create participant groups, send out assessment invitations and attachments, monitor responses, send out reminders, and generate reports as needed.

The participant receives an email invitation with a personalized link to a self questionnaire. Once the participant completes and submits the questionnaire, the data is processed immediately. The participant is then directed to a home page in order to download and print his or her report (if access is allowed). The assessment coordinator has the option at the time of set up to allow or block participant access to the report.

Trainers can also be given access to the site by the coordinator to monitor team member activity, view or generate reports, and perform other team coordination duties, if required.

The completed report will be available online for 60 days from the date of completion.

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